About - Grammy B's Attic

"Sometimes The Smallest Things Take up the Most Room In Your Heart"- Winnie the Pooh

Grammy B's Attic was created in memory of a very special lady. Her given name was Elizabeth, but she was lovingly known as Betty.  She was my grandmother.  Grammy "B" was like most great depression era women and was strong willed and strong minded. She maintained family (1 child) and home while Grandpa was off to fight for our country in WWII and had three more children after the end of WWII.  As a child I remember  many trips to grandma and grandpa's house.  Grammy "B" had the most beautiful and coolest things in her house that I had ever seen. She always hosted our large family gatherings and there are many fond memories from these times. The attic was up a narrow squeaky set of stairs and was a large space with a few pull string light bulbs. It was full of trunks and boxes of heirlooms and memories of the past as well as a few creepy things seen in the shadows. It was a favorite place to go and explore.  I am definitely not a kid anymore and have taken an interest in finding and collecting things from my memories of childhood.  This interest has became a growing passion for all of history's collectibles and antiques.  My goal is to expand on my passion and share my passion with others through the offerings  in my shop. Please enjoy and come back often as I have just began my journey.  

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